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Profresh are balanced spectrum, low radiation merchandising designed to showcase fresh food in the most appealing light. Profresh uses a proprietary blend of phosphors and coatings, designed to reduce the damaging effects of lighting upon perishable food displays.

Many food retailers are using regular non-food specific fluorescent lighting in their display cases. These lights may provide strong ambient light however it is often at the detriment and sacrifice of color and product freshness.

The yellow or white spectrums of these fluorescents cause merchandise to look pale in comparison to the vibrant colors that are naturally showcased under Profresh solutions.

In addition to making the products look unappealing; these regular lights emit high levels of UV & IR radiation, particularly in the UV-A and UV-B range. These emissions increase the surface temperature of food - leading to accelerated spoilage, and increasing the rate at which the products will discolor, emit odor and lose their overall freshness.

With Profresh solutions, retailers improve the visual of their displays and also reduce product shrinkage and discard rates. With it‘s top competition on tailored colour and easy application.In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Profresh helps retailers maximize sales, save money and reduce waste protecting profit margins.

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