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  • Profresh Pendant lights 40W for supermarkets
  • Profresh Pendant lights
  • Profresh Pendant lights
  • Profresh T8 Tubes
  • Profresh LED Rigid Bars IP40
  • Ultra-Thin light bar
  • Long size freezer retail display lighting IP64 internal driver interconnected led bar lights
    KAPATA is special research of food display lighting solutions, devote to keeping the food more fresh and health. With its special customized light color,high visibility,low heat and no infrared & ultraviolet.This solution absolutely lead to best competitive for food display case, freezers,cooling systems,etc.
    improve the ambience and aesthetic appeal of food products and merchandise,ultimately resulting in better overall shopping experience,which makes a difference to every bottom line.

    We already work with the Chinese Light center and Agriculture university to study the light,design the lighting solution according
    to the food display environment.devote to keeping the food more fresh and healthy, we have had a long-term cooperation with Omega in Costa Rica,
    SKOPE in NewZealand. They are all refrigerator and displaycase manufacture and very love our Profresh products range. And they will use our
    light to replace their existing design.
  • Profresh Bars IP64
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